Long Serving Criminal Barrister with little prospect of early release for good behaviour, though I have begun to learn about tagging.
Background in Drugs, Fraud and paying my mortgage, but for the last couple of years I’ve been taking an unhealthy interest in The Bribery Act 2010. So much so that I actually know quite a lot about it, hence this immodest little blog.

See this link for details of the eLearning course I have been producing and presenting with the CM Group.


Court committments permitting I am also available for presenting bespoke seminars on the Bribery Act to various different business sectors and Risk Groups. – in the comfort of your own office.

And if you ask very nicely I will arrange bespoke in house training for management as well as employees.

I will also tell you if you DON’T need it, unlike some horror mongers I could name, (But can’t because I am a lawyer and fully appreciate the consequences of so doing.)

For a little more on the ethos, and a better understanding of some of the appalling jokes, read the very first entry.


5SAH | Five St Andrew's Hill - London Civil Litigation Barristerst: 0207 332 5400



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