Rupert Murdoch

However much Schadenfreude we have all indulged ourselves in, in the last day or two, it is worth pointing out that the Bribery Act can have nothing to do with whatever may have been going on at the NoTW.

Copy of the News of the World

It only came into force on the 1st July this year, and so therefore can only be used to charge offences committed after that date.

But fret not! Assuming that there still are any senior officers left in the Met when the dust has settled, who can investigate this case for more than the full Yates nine hours, we still have our old Anti Corruption Acts to level against bribing journos, as well as “Misconduct in a Public Office” for erring police officers.

Actually there will be at least one: Sue Akers

Sue Akers

One thing we do have to watch out for though, is the apparent interest being shown by the DoJ in the United States.

Doubtless spurred on by the revolting thought that the voicemails of 9/11 victims were being hacked into, the DoJ too have been showing an interest in what Fox News and/or WSJ (prop R. Murdoch esq) have described as “normal journalistic practices.” (I’m not kidding, they did!)

The point to watch here is whether or not they will seek to use the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act to bring charges against those who ought properly to be tried in the UK.

With the current state of extradition law as between the USA and UK, (they ask, we roll over to have our tummies tickled) you can imagine the reaction if they try to lift any of the possible UK based defendants for trial in the UK before they have been tried drawn and quartered here. (Though they could always be allowed to have them, after they have finished serving their sentences in UK and start all over again in US.)

And wandering off at a tangent as I am often wont to do, you may be amused at this link to the BBC

which shows a CNN interview with ChickLitMP trying to explain her way out of a very entertaining exchange with Piers Morgan. You almost begin to like him!

Lest you think I am wandering completely off the point, by this time tomorrow I should be posting a little bit about the law and also one or two choice links to more sector specific stuff.

And do please feel free to comment or add questions. The more interactive this site becomes, the better.

And just by way of a p.s. go to this link, and then consider Section 16 of the Act!!! 🙂

And a p.p.s. Today Programme this morning reported “Sighs of relief heard in embassies around the world..” Do they mean ours?

And still later, from our friends at CNN who brought you ChickLitSpat….


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