Welcome to the bungblog.. A Corruption Miscellany by James Vine

As the name suggests, this is a blog about Bribery but with maybe a slightly relaxed angle creeping in from time to time.

Bribery and the Bribery Act 2010 are very serious topics for anyone involved in commerce, but an ability to see the “far side” never goes amiss in any legal debate.

What I am going to bring you is a regular review of the law of Bribery, and its developments, with comment where needed, links to other useful sites, (I don’t have a monopoly on the subject) and the occasional diversion into areas of highly marginal relevance.

There will also be frequent forays into foreign issues, like attempts by the DoJ to spoil the party by using the FCPA to hijack defedants from the UK… (so I need to sign up a few News Int Execs). Assistance has been promised on an entirely unattributable basis from lawyers in the USA, India, the Far East Russia and the CIS, and Solihull.

The content will be my own, or credit given where it is due, if not.

I will also make use of input from other linked professionals, be they forensic accountants, auditors, lawyers from specialist fields such as construction and planning and other really fun people!

I might be tempted to impart general advice if asked, subject to a disclaimer of any liability of any kind whatsoever however accruing for anything at all.

Questions and novel topics are always welcomed, and hopefully can be turned into online discussions once I have found out how to activate that feature in this blog.

So for now, watch this space, and me, on LinkedIn, and my tweets on @JamesPSVine. You’ll get a pretty good idea from them of where this is likely to be going…..

p.s. I lied about Solihull … sorry.

James Vine

5 St Andrews Hill

London EC4V 5BZ

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6 thoughts on “Welcome to the bungblog.. A Corruption Miscellany by James Vine

  1. Dear James,

    Your observations are dead on as always, but I think you miss the point. Government can help set an example. It can even prosecute the few in order to deter the many. But it cannot prosecute everyone. At some point society will only change when peoples’ attitudes change. When they say enough is enough. When they decide to change their own behavior and refuse to tolerate the behavior of others. Till then officials will have to make choices. Hopefully those choices will help set an example. The civil rights act of 1964 did not change race relations in the United States. But inter-marriage has. Black and white soldiers serving together has. People working together and going to school together has. The law just helps to create the conditions for change. After that it is up to us.

    Your cousin from across the pond,


    • But that was EXACTLY my point. This is all about changing attitudes, which will not happen if we only prosecute those at the very top. This is why I was so keen to publicise what is going on in INdia now. There are the beginnings of a groundswell of public opinion thanks largely to Anna Hazare, and also ipaidabribe.com to effect a culture change
      A more general approach to the offence at every level will help to bring about that change

  2. Great Blog James, keep it up.

    As a surveyor I am appalled with the property industry standard practice of demanding a kick-back or referral fees, introduction fees, sweeteners, back-handers, bribes call it what you will, but in the property industry bribery is so rife that it is regarded and accepted as the norm. We all know that IFAs pay the agent for introducing a client; solicitors pay the agents for recommending their conveyancing services etc. As a surveyor, I am requested to pay the agents for recommendations to complete surveys for clients that I have been introduced. If I do not do it, then there are plenty of other surveyors who will.

    It is not fair on so many levels; even if it the commission is disclosed as it is often hidden deep in the small print of the T+Cs which most clients do not read.

    I can not see these habits changing very quickly, but would love it if it did.

    I wish we could get some more high profile test cases to go through before it happens.

    So should I present evidence to the SFO or to CPS? I have the referral invoices as evidence.

    Regarding changing the public bad habits, I keep harping back to the drink driving and seat belt campaigns (with Jimmy Saville’s clunk and click every trip). Maybe the Government needs to introduce an awareness campaign detailing what is and what is not acceptable?

    what do you think?

    rgds Ed Farmer

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